• Addon Lsi 9200-8E Sas Controller - 6Gb/S Sas - Pci Express 2.0 X8 - Plug-In Card - Raid Supported - 0, 1 Raid Level - 8 Total Sas Port(S) - 8 Sas Port(S) External - Pc, Linux


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This is a LSI® LSI00188 comparable 6 Gigabit Ethernet SAS-2 RAID controller card with dual SFF-8088 ports

Our RAID controller cards are 100 data and application tested to ensure seamless integration

These two external mini-SAS ports allow up to 8 SATA/SAS drives

This card utilizes an 8 lane link PCIex8 for transporting data and allows the user to employ RAID 0 and 1 configurations

With our certification test program, we guarantee your product will work right the first time. /p