• Hipp Germany Stage Pre Organic Combiotic Baby Formula 600G - 10 Pack


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HiPP Bio Combiotic Stage PRE is a nutritionally complete, whey based, gentle infant formula that is specially formulated using the finest organic milk

Gluten free, Sugar Free, No added Soy, No added Wheat, No added Peanuts, No added Egg

HiPP understands the many different needs of babies and has something for every child

It also contains Prebiotic and Probiotic, which promotes healthy digestion, healthy immunity, and aids in healthy gut flora to help heal a baby's upset stomach

It has all the ingredients your baby needs to grow strong and healthy such as, iron, Vitamins A, C, and D

This formula is suitable from birth onwards for babies that are not being breastfed or to complement breastfeeding

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and bone growth and omega 3 6 LCPs DHA AA , which are found in breast milk, are long chains of polyunsaturated fatty acids that help babies with brain and eye development