• Eaton Power-Sure 800 T800F-05000 Line Conditioner - Ac Surge, Ac Noise, Harmonics Protection


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Every facet of our daily life is being automated by faster microprocessors and microprocessor-based equipment which require steady continuous power

Additionally, the Power-Sure 800 virtually eliminates any transient harmonics being reflected back onto the power lines, thus preventing damage to building wiring. /p

As market pressures force the deregulation of the electrical industry, utility companies have less and less control over the quality of power supplied to sensitive electronic equipment

For this reason, the Power-Sure 800 was designed using a special high K-Factor transformer capable of handling these harmonics without overheating

In data processing and medical applications, the effects of unreliable power can be translated into incorrect data, lost memory, premature component failure, mixed and garbled data and inaccurate diagnostics

Power conditioning alleviates these problems

The Power-Sure 800 has one of the highest K-Factors in the industry